lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

Against the Dreamers

The Citizenship is a strong link between a person and their country, usually is a natural born right, but a bold man can obtain the citizenship, demonstrated by a strong conmitment with this country, even risking their life in the War, defending America.

But the Dreamers are sons of a offense, their parents are law violators, who educates their sons at the expense of the tax payer, pressing the scholar system much beyond their normal status, is a common knowleadge between the illegal aliens that if they had a child born in America, they are immune to the Law,  they can't be repatriated.

Now, they are pressing the Obama's government to attain rights, but without any real conmitment, just lobbing or demandig their own country; making use of the USA, instead of serving to their country, how many of them will risk their lives serving in the armed forces?, are they real americans?

jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Obama Elitist Hypocrite

The goverment allways want to reduce the citizen's rights, a defenseless citizen is easy prey for a tyrant, who can impose new taxes, opressive laws and reduce the human to a slavery state, only see the south of the border, where an armed criminal can control entire towns of law lovers, but unarmed citizens.

If Obama wants a fair law, must set the example, go to the streets without Secret Service, I strongly recommend a walk in some Los Angeles or New Orleans dark corners, let's see how much time to change their belief.

Vanguard Aggressor Point of View

This blog is dedicated to divulgate my point of view, I'm a American born un Mexico, who had served in the USN by many years to obtain my citizenship, now I'm retired, and with enought time to observe and make the difference, so, enjoy my site.

Sergio Tellez